This Beautiful Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital of the Oklahoma and at the same time the biggest city of this country. But not only big by its size, but also by its interesting and amusing cultural and historical places. Some of those are: museums (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Museum of Osteology and Science Museum), universities (University of Oklahoma), amusement parks (Frontier City), and also the art centers.

Certainly the most interesting museum is the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Its aim is to protect and interpret history and culture of the West America. “Excellent family adventure and history lesson in one. You can spend several hours there. Fun and educational for all ages”, said some of the visitors to the Museum. So, if you ever decide to go there, don`t miss it.

The University of Oklahoma is an urban private university that is also listed in Forbes “Best Christian Colleges” & “100 Best College Buys”. It has many different programs and opportunities for its students. It is also well-known for its football team.

One of the places made not only for kids, but also for the elder persons (from 7 to 77) is Frontier City. With its numerous attractions such as roller coasters, water rides, etc. seems to be a perfect place for a whole family.

This fascinating city is also dedicated to music, and surely we have to mention a Civic Center Music Hall, which represents an Art Center. Many celebrities make concerts here, such as Santana and many others.

We cannot talk about this city without mentioning its sport (football and basketball). For all those who enjoy following the sport, I surely have to mention Oklahoma City Thunder. This team has great guys with some big names, like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. It’s a real joy look at two of them making fantastic shows.

Except the NBA basketball, one of the largest sports in America is football, well-known as American football. We can also talk about Oklahoma City Dodgers. One of the interesting stories about them is that 2009 they changed the name into Oklahoma City Red Hawks in the honor of the fans that paid for the ballpark through a temporary one-cent sales tax to fund the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS). How modern football is you can see from the next fact: the Oklahoma University for the football program got the twelfth position in the presence among the US colleges in 2010.

As you can see reading this article, there are many interesting, not to mention historical and cultural places to visit. What is also interesting, that`s those beautiful Oklahoma City apartments for rent, which you can find all over the internet, and it`s for everybody`s pocket. Talking about the apartments, I also have to tell something about beautiful architecture of this city. Tap architecture, founded in downtown Oklahoma City in 1988, provides interior design, master planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and historic preservation services.

The practice has completed hundreds of projects in fifteen states and on three continents.

Oklahoma City is really beautiful and a city to visit, so if you ever decide to go there, go to some of those places, you won`t regret.

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